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Game Projects

On SaveTheWorld.exe I did concepts, environment art and character modeling; among other things I made the Robot-zombies. It was a challenge to have a game project alongside the portfolio production, but the result was atmospheric and appealing despite the constraints.

On Spite: Into the Ratacombs I did concepts, environment modelling and character modeling; among other things the manmade environments and the main character. This was a longer project and very fun! Im very happy with the result.

On Temple of Chakram I did concepts, 2D art, environment modelling and character modeling; like the heavy enemy and main character. There were challenges working exclusively from home as well as with the engine, but I'm happy with what we accomplished.

In Harry Hopper I mainly created Environment assets. This project was a challenge because of the disruption from the school premises abruptly being closed down due to Covid.

In Gore Core I did concepts, characters and 2D environments, among other things the backgrounds, final boss modelling and main character. It was so much fun making these crazy meaty monsters!

In Fire Escape I created 3D assets, like walls and furniture. This was a mobile game project and we made a really fun idea come to life!

In Way of the Wagon I worked on concepts, the main character and props. It was a really strong first project and I am thrilled to have been part of the project!